In June 2019, the students in the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at SFSU did a quick blitz of the campus, sampling plants to bring back to the lab. We did leaf presses onto selective Methylobacterium medium, as well as onto LB, to culture microbes from the plant leaves. We explored some of the campus’s botanical gardens, using the iNaturalist Seek app to identify plants– so it was an experience in learning about California plant ecology as well as about microbiology.

If you’re a student from the SFSU REU 2019 program, you can log in here (using the password from your handout) to enter data and view your classmates’ data.

See the full photo album of the plants we sampled here!

Rhododendrons and Azaleas
Common Sow Thistle
Glandora Prostrata
Common Cats Ear
Rata and Allies
Beach strawberry
Silver Rogwort and Magnolia Tree
Mediterranean Spurge
Tree Aeonium (Black Rose)
Common Ivy (English)
Blue Lily
Silver Ragwort